In Monday’s (7/27) New York Times , Rachel Lee Harris reports, “The Munich City Council announced on Thursday that it would not be extending the contract of Christian Thielemann as chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic when it expires in 2011, according to the site In statements Mr. Thielemann and the Munich culture secretary, Hans-Georg Küppers, said there had been disagreement over Mr. Thielemann’s desire for more freedom in choosing guest conductors and soloists. Speaking of the group’s intendant, or general director, Mr. Thielemann told the newspaper Süddeutschen Zeitung: ‘It can’t go on that I have, say, over 30 concerts and the intendant over 60. That would negate my position as chief conductor.’ Mr. Thielemann has held the Munich job since 2004.”

Posted July 28, 2009