In Tuesday’s (8/11) Summit Daily News (Breckenridge, Colorado), Kimberly Nicoletti reports, “Kerry Farrell, the executive director of the National Repertory Orchestra since April 2007, has resigned. He has accepted a position with another orchestra in New York City, working in a similar capacity. His new position begins in mid-September.” Farrell has not yet announced his new position. “Farrell came to Breckenridge after working with the Mancini Institute in Los Angeles. His goals included expanding the symphony’s partnerships, strengthening its development program and increasing its role in education, as well as its national influence. Farrell said he’s leaving the NRO in a ‘fine financial position, especially considering the economy.’ He views his work with the NRO as a ‘great learning experience,’ which allowed him to hone his business skills and ‘meet a lot of really great people.’ The orchestra board will hire an interim person while it analyzes criteria for the next director and conducts a national search for a permanent replacement.”

Posted August 13, 2009