The Orchestras Feeding America National Food Drive, organized by the League of American Orchestras and Feeding America, has generated significant press coverage during the past week. An Associated Press report by Martin Steinberg published on February 11 appeared in more than 158 publications, including the Denver Post, Detroit Free Press, Star-Tribune (Minneapolis), and Washington Post. Other local press printed their own original stories, including the Philadelphia Bulletin, and the St. Petersburg Times (Florida), which reported that “For more than 15 seasons, the Florida Orchestra has tied some of its outdoor concerts to a food drive, raising awareness and filling the coffers of Tampa Bay Harvest. Next month, it will join in a national effort, inspired by a new movie called The Soloist, about a cellist who became homeless.” The League has signed up more than 200 orchestras in 49 states for the food drive, which comes to a head March 27 & 28 in anticipation of The Soloist’s April 24 release. For more on the food drive, click here.