The National Endowment for the Arts has announced the publication of Creative Communities: Art Works in Economic Development, produced in partnership with the Brookings Institution. The 225-page book investigates how the arts can act as a tool of economic development in communities, using quantitative and qualitative data. The book stems from the first collaboration between the NEA and the Brookings Institution, which co-hosted a May 2012 symposium entitled “The Arts, New Growth Theory, and Economic Development,” during which economists explored the role of arts and culture in the U.S. economy. “We all know intuitively that the arts can help strengthen communities, but we need more solid economic data and analysis to back up those claims,” said NEA Acting Chairman Joan Shigekawa. “The NEA is honored to have partnered with the Brookings Institution in co-sponsoring a symposium and its result: a publication of new studies that measure the economic impact of the arts.” For more information visit

Posted April 19, 2013