“Carl Davis is not a native of Owensboro, but has called it home for several years,” writes Bobbie Hayse in Sunday’s (2/16) Messenger-Inquirer (Owensboro, Kentucky). “He has a lot of pride in the area, particularly in the arts culture that thrives here. He has worn many hats in his life: ice cream shop proprietor, radio engineer, photographer. In all of that time, he has been involved with the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra. For 47 years … he has held many positions within the organization … from recorder of performances to board member, volunteer and operations manager, to his current position as stage manager. And while many individuals may not recognize Davis in passing, if they have attended a symphony concert since Sept. 23, 1972, there’s a good chance he was somewhere behind the scenes ensuring the performance went on without a hitch. In his capacity as stage manager, Davis makes sure everything is in place at the beginning of concerts, and that performers and the conductor have everything they need…. Davis says if he ever ‘truly retires’ he will continue to attend symphony concerts. He believes the organization has a great future.”