“ ‘Oh, I wish I could write like Bach,’ surely every musician since the year 1750 has sighed,” writes Maddy Shaw Roberts in Tuesday’s (6/29) Classic FM (U.K.). “Well, now you (sort of) can. Google Arts & Culture has published a new experiment called ‘Assisted Melody,’ which invites you to compose your own tune, and harmonize it in the signature style of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven. The tool … lets you compose directly on each maestro’s favourite instrument. So, your Bach-style melody will be heard on an organ, with the Mozart-esque tune formed on a harpsichord, and Beethoven on a piano. After you’ve created your four-bar melody, the tool does its algorithmic magic and voilà, your stylized melody is played back to you.… You can also hear your stylized output on a wide range of modern instruments…. ‘Assisted Melody’ was originally launched by Google Arts & Culture over a year ago. The tool helped you compose your own tune on a virtual sheet of music, and with the click of a button make it sound like Bach…. A second tool, ‘Paint with Music,’ turns your paint brush into a musical instrument and lets you ‘hear’ your painting.”