“Music Alive: New Partnerships,” a project that aims to foster collaborations between orchestras and lesser-known composers, has unveiled proposals for residencies from its first nine composers. The composers are Kati Agocs, Gordon Beeferman, Jason Freeman, Kenneth Froelich, Ruby Fulton, Rafael Hernandez, Kristin Kuster, Missy Mazzoli, and Alejandro Rutty. As the first step in the collaboration process, an online gallery for each composer is now available with a biography, audio and score excerpts of the selected piece, program notes, and the residency proposal. “Music Alive: New Partnerships,” a joint effort of Meet The Composer and the League of American Orchestras, supports one-week residencies funded through the program and tailored to serve the specific needs of the composers, the orchestras, and their communities. For more information, visit  www.meetthecomposer.org/newpartnerships, or email mmadigan@meetthecomposer.org or swinship@meetthecomposer.org.
Posted March 6, 2009