An Associated Press article published in Thursday’s (6/25) New York Times states, “From major theaters such as Canada’s Stratford Shakespeare Festival to small companies such as the Barnstormers Theatre in bucolic Tamworth, N.H., uncertain economic times have forced theaters across North America not only to re-examine what they are putting on stage this summer—and beyond—but how to sell these plays and musicals as well. At the 2009 conference of Theatre Communications Group, the national association for nonprofit professional theaters, the mood was upbeat, according to Teresa Eyring, TCG’s executive director. The conference was held in early June in Baltimore. ‘But nobody knows what will happen from month to month,’ Eyring says. ‘I would describe theaters as “optimistic,” but with clear eyes about the realities of the situation.’” The article mentions financial initiatives in programming, production, marketing, and ticket sales at a variety of theaters.

Posted June 25, 2009