Tracking down a familiar composer on the Apple Music Classical app. Image courtesy of Apple.

Apple’s new app for classical music, Apple Music Classical, is now available for download,” writes Ivan Mehta in Tuesday’s (3/28) TechCrunch. “The app is free for everyone, but you need an Apple Music subscription. Notably, it is not available in select countries at launch, including China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Taiwan, and Turkey. However, Apple says it will arrive in these markets in the future. The company said that there are more than 5 million tracks available on the app right now, as well over 50+ million data points with data attributes of 20,000+ composers, 115,000+ unique works, and 350,000+ movements. This data helps Apple Music subscribers find recordings across the catalog through the app’s specialized search engine built for classical music…. In the new app, users can search for works using keyword combinations that include composer, work, opus number, conductor, artist, instrument or even the work’s name. Plus, when you look up a work on the app, you’ll find all its associated recordings … Apple Music Classical’s editors created over 700 playlists to guide listeners through 800 years of music, the company notes, and says more will be added over time…. An Android version is ‘coming soon.’ ”