Menahem Pressler

“Menahem Pressler, a German-born American pianist who was a co-founder of the Beaux Arts Trio in 1955 and remained with the acclaimed ensemble until it broke up more than a half-century later, died May 6 in London,” writes Tim Page in Monday’s (5/8) Washington Post. “He was 99, and he had continued playing concertos and solo recitals in recent years. Indiana University, where he spent much of his life as a music professor, confirmed the death … No other details were given. The Beaux Arts Trio was formed at the invitation of violinist Daniel Guilet … Bernard Greenhouse, a much-admired cellist … suggested [Pressler] to round out the group…. The Beaux Arts Trio would go on to play more than 4,000 concerts throughout the world while recording virtually all the standard trio repertory…. Menahem Pressler was born in Magdeburg, Germany, on Dec. 16, 1923 … [His family] fled Germany after the … Kristallnacht attacks in November 1938 … Pressler … moved to the United States in 1946.” Pressler toured widely as a soloist and took a position “Indiana University and stayed with the institution as it grew to be one of the most respected conservatories in the country. He also taught master classes throughout the world … Pressler was married to Sara Scherchen … from 1949 until her death in 2014. Survivors include his companion and longtime manager, Annabelle Whitestone; and two children … He never considered retiring.”