In the Tuesday (6/2) edition of the Omaha World-Herald, John Pitcher follows activities of Omaha Symphony’s recent conductor symposium with Music Director Thomas Wilkins. “The symposium’s sixteen conductors aren’t kids. They’re emerging artists, musicians mostly in their 20s and 30s who are looking for that rarest of musical commodities—podium time with a first-rate professional orchestra.” Jungho Kim is seen working on the opening movement of Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony. “His arms are gyrating, his body is leaning far over the podium. Wilkins, staring straight into Kim’s face, calls for a timeout. ‘Is this an angry piece?’ Wilkins demands. Kim shrugs. ‘I don’t think it’s happening,’ Kim responds. They start again. This time, Kim shows a little more restraint. Instead of brandishing his baton as a weapon, he uses it to trace smooth phrases. The music sounds more spontaneous, and Kim actually begins to smile. Wilkins nods approvingly. ‘Now that’s the guy I want to play for,’ he said.”

Posted June 3, 2009