“It’s been over a year and a half since I attended an honest-to-gods concert … Caroline Shaw with Third Angle in March 2020,” writes Matthew Neil Andrews in Thursday’s (11/4) Oregon ArtsWatch. “I have a confession to make…. I don’t miss it….. There are plenty of us introverts and neuroatypicals for whom live music was always a strain. The sweet acoustics and vibrant ‘liveness’ of in-person shows are great…. But the stress of jostling elbows … socializing in the lobby … while pretending to be normal … wears you out…. I’m not the only one…. Many musicophiles have difficulties with mobility … or live with compromised immune systems…. It’s okay to experience music from a distance…. Because it doesn’t mean divorcing yourself from the World of Music…. Is any major performing organization not doing livestreams–or offering some kind of ‘video on demand’ … for their concerts this season? Oregon Symphony is, Chamber Music Northwest is, and Portland Baroque Orchestra and Portland Opera and Opera Theater Oregon and Cappella Romana and Oregon Repertory Singers…. Earlier this year FearNoMusic [chamber ensemble] released … the latest Young Composers Project concerts [as a] ‘virtual concert.’ … And that’s all without even leaving the classical scene.”