In Tuesday’s (4/14) Orange County Register (California), Richard Chang reports, “The Orange County Performing Arts Center is reducing staff salaries and benefits by 14 percent across the board, with senior staff taking a 16 percent reduction. Three full-time employees have also been laid off. The nonprofit arts institution made the announcements Tuesday, in conjunction with the launch of a $1 million challenge grant to encourage new donors to contribute to center programs. Like other sectors of the ailing economy, the Performing Arts Center has been through tough times. In January, the center laid off 10 staff members—seven full-time and three part-time—and announced expense reductions in all departments. … The arts center employs a little less than 100 full-time workers and 100 part-time workers. Its 2009-10 budget is about $41 million.” In November, one of the center’s resident companies, Opera Pacific, announced it was cancelling the remainder of its 2008-09 season, which Orange County PAC President Terrence W. Dwyer says has meant a loss of about $300,000 in income for the center.

Posted April 15, 2009