In Sunday’s (2/8) St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sarah Bryan Miller writes, “There’s no one quite like Rachel Barton Pine: gifted violinist, matter-of-fact survivor and impassioned ambassador for all kinds of music. Next weekend, she’ll be in St. Louis as part of the Festival of African and African-American Music. … In 1995, at 20, she suffered a horrific accident, one that came close to killing her and would have ended most careers. Her violin case was trapped between the doors of a suburban commuter train as she tried to exit. She was dragged under it, losing one leg and mangling the other. Recovery took two important career-building years, and she’s had more than 40 surgeries. … Pine would rather talk about the present. She’s got 14 CDs out, and the most recent, a two-disc set that pairs the Beethoven Violin Concerto with the one by Franz Clement, the performer for whom Beethoven’s was written, hit No. 5 on the Billboard classical charts. She performs with orchestras around the country and the world.” Pine also makes extensive use of Internet promotional tools, and runs a charitable foundation, the Rachel Elizabeth Barton Foundation, which provides career assistance and instruments and supplies to young musicians in need.