In Sunday’s (7/19) Pittsburgh Tribune Review , Alice T. Carter writes, “Just like car makers and clothing manufacturers, local arts companies like to roll out new products every year. ‘You need to keep the body of work alive. We’re not museums,’ says Larry Tamburri, president of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. ‘We play great masterpieces because they need to be repeated continually, but the whole sense of symphonic music will wither if we don’t find new works to breathe life into our art form.’ To ensure that there will be new works to produce, local arts producers—such as Dance Alloy, City Theatre Company and the Pittsburgh Symphony—commission artists to keep them supplied with new products. ‘Like any research and development project, you have to keep the pipeline filled,’ says Tracy Brigden, artistic director of City Theatre.” Carter discusses some of the many recent commissions and new projects that Pittsburgh performing arts groups have been undertaking.

Posted July 20, 2009