“As of today, April 3, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony has officially renamed and rebranded itself the Sun Valley Music Festival,” writes Chris Melville in Wednesday’s (4/3) Idaho Mountain Express (Ketchum, Idaho). “The change brings with it a new website—svmusicfestival.org, changed from svsummersymphony.org—and a new logo…. The decision to rebrand comes shortly after the symphony’s extremely successful debut winter concert series…. Executive Director Derek Dean said that this renaming supports the organization’s recent successes branching out to different times of year and different sizes of ensemble…. ‘With the addition of our inaugural Winter Festival this February, we now have the ability to assemble musicians from our festival orchestra at different times in the year, no longer exclusively in the summer,’ Dean said. Board President Sue Monson further backed the rebranding, saying, ‘The new name will help the festival build its reputation.’ ” Music Director Alasdair Neale said, “This is a return to our roots. We began as the Elkhorn Music Festival 35 years ago, and with this change, we reaffirm that we really are a music festival, more than a regional or seasonal symphony.”

Posted April 5, 2019