In Thursday’s (3/26) Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Mary Louise Schumacher reports, “Recognizing the economic climate, the United Performing Arts Fund reset its fund-raising goal to late 1990s levels at its annual kick-off event Thursday. UPAF, which provides core operating funds to sixteen area performing arts groups, will attempt to raise $9 million this year, 15 percent less than last year’s target of $10.6 million. Many foundations and major corporate donors have indicated their giving to UPAF will be unchanged or reduced because of the recession, which resulted in UPAF’s decision to scale back its campaign. … This year, changes made to UPAF’s allocation formulas five years ago are scheduled to take full effect. The phased-in reforms were designed to correct what was seen as an unfair advantage for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, which receives the largest pot of UPAF dollars, and to reward management excellence. If the new formulas went into effect without any adjustments, the MSO would stand to lose nearly $500,000 in funding this year, according to numbers supplied by the symphony. [UPAF President Cristy] Garcia-Thomas said that’s unlikely, and that UPAF will probably offset that impact with contingency funds.”
Posted March 27, 2009