Sting performs with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra on Jan. 9. Moon Doh led the concert. Photo by Julie Goetz.

Sting — yep, Sting himself — paced Heinz Hall’s stage, occasionally throwing back his head to deliver a particularly raspy line,” writes Jeremy Reynolds in last Tuesday’s (1/10) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Sting can and has performed on stages around the world for millions. That he appeared in Heinz, which holds an intimate 3,000 or so, was a unique gift to the Steel City This isn’t an orchestral tour; it’s a special appearance and program that he only whips out on occasion. By some sorcery, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra was able to ensnare the Police’s former bassist and songwriter for two nights of concerts on Monday and Tuesday in a selection of his hits from across the decades. Tickets have been sold out for months. How did it happen? Well, some of Sting’s band members happen to be fans of the Pittsburgh Symphony.… The orchestra, expertly conducted by the orchestra’s assistant conductor Moon Doh, shined in quicker rhythms and more powerful moments. The opportunity to perform with the likes of Sting is a gift to orchestras everywhere, a reminder of the potential for interesting new collaborations between different styles and genres of music.