“The South Bend Symphony Orchestra wrapped up their Pop music series last night at the Morris Performing Arts Center with an extraordinary performance … devoted … to the music of world-renowned composer John Williams,” writes Matt Gotsch in Monday’s (5/2) WNDU (South Bend, IN). “With May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day, right around the corner, it only seemed fitting that they paid their respect to the living legend who created the soundtracks for Star Wars, Harry Potter, E.T., Jaws, Jurassic Park, and so many more fan favorites. ‘It’s music that is the soundtrack of our lives, as Music Director Alastair (Willis) said, and it’s true. I mean, we grew up on Star Wars, and sometimes people don’t realize the quality of the music behind the picture they’re watching,’ … said [Executive Director] Justus Zimmerman…. South Bend Symphony Orchestra violinist Forrest Miesse [said], … ‘His music is not easy to play at all, but we love to play it, we love to practice it…. It was just a great experience for us.’ A happy coincidence from last night; John Williams recently turned 90 years old, and the South Bend Symphony Orchestra is about to celebrate its 90th anniversary.”