A video screengrab captures the moment at a Dallas Symphony Orchestra concert when Nikola Olic gets a “yes” from Kelly, his girlfriend, to his marriage proposal.

“Nikola Olic is a Serbian photographer based in Dallas, Texas, where he is president of the board of the non-profit ‘Open Classical,’ which produces and promotes classical music events,” writes Maddy Shaw Roberts in Thursday’s (4/27) Classic FM (U.K.). “This week, during the Dallas Symphony’s performance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Nikola decided to orchestrate a surprise proposal for his girlfriend Kelly, who is also a musician. Kelly and Nikola were seated in the audience, when … one of the musicians walked up on stage and asked a ‘random’ person for their thoughts on the Stravinsky work…. ‘We figured we would ask the person in seat L3. So, who is in seat L3?’ As fate—and Nikola’s superb planning—would have it, the person seated in L3 was Kelly…. The musician asks her … ‘Will you marry Nikola?’ Kelly, realizing what is happening, throws her hand to her mouth in shock, prompting the audience to begin screaming with delight…. Nikola added: ‘A violist with the orchestra told me that in his 23 years they never had a proposal of this kind … So it was a pleasant break and surprise for the whole orchestra.’ ”