In Sunday’s (3/1) St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sarah Bryan Miller previews an upcoming offering by David Robertson and the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra at Powell Hall: “two programs of six compositions that incorporate dancers from Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, sharing the stage with the players. (A Family Concert on Sunday afternoon will use elements from both evening performances.) Robertson and Hubbard Street executive director Jim Vincent are dedicated to collaborating with other artists, in frequently unexpected ways. Hubbard Street’s style is highly athletic and surprisingly balletic. Its dances have a layer of humor, making this a good choice for someone who’s not totally certain about modern dance. … Robertson says that he likes the dancers’ ‘real feeling for music. (When) you integrate them with musicians on the stage, it’s not like two entities. One feeds on the other; you begin to interpret the musicians’ gestures as dancelike, and the dancers’ as musical.’ Friday night’s program will include dances set to music of J.S. Bach, Igor Stravinsky and Leonard Bernstein. March 7 has Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 and the premiere of a dance to Benjamin Britten’s ‘Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge.’ ”