On March 25, Houston Public Media radio station posted a segment about the Houston Symphony’s recent participation in a project with the city’s visitors’ bureau: “When you think of a song connected with Houston, what song comes to mind? Is it country? Is it hip hop? Or do you struggle to pinpoint the sound of the Bayou City? Well, perhaps that struggle is now over, thanks to the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (or GHCVB) and a collaboration with the Houston Symphony. The GHCVB approached local composer Jeff Walton to write a score that would define Houston. Houston Public Media’s Arts and Culture Correspondent St.John Flynn tells the story of a how they all worked together to give Houston its own soundtrack.” The music was performed by the Houston Symphony with Brett Mitchell conducting. A three-minute video of the song features images of the orchestra, Houston scenery, celebrities from the city, and other attractions, and was unveiled at the GHCVB’s annual meeting on March 26.

Posted April 2, 2014