“There are different kinds of power in this annual ranking exercise,” write David Clarey and Hannah Wade in Wednesday’s (7/27) Post and Courier (Charleston, SC). “In this list, [we] ranked the city’s culture setters from 1st to 25th. On it you’ll see mainstays but also an influx of new names to recognize the ever-changing landscape of the city’s arts and food scenes…. The COVID-19 pandemic’s ongoing effects … weigh heavily in our considerations, as did the ways these people have shepherded their organizations … since Columbia has largely regained some sense of normalcy. We hope you find it a worthwhile exercise to be reminded of who shapes the way we go about interacting with life in our city.” The 2022 “Power List” includes directors of nonprofits, restaurateurs, librarians, musicians, gallerists, and others. South Carolina Philharmonic Executive Director Rhonda Hunsinger is number 6 on the list: “Rhonda Hunsinger leads the city’s foremost music organization, the South Carolina Philharmonic, which emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic’s virtual performances mandate strongly. It took initial innovations, like performing in atypical venues, and made them permanent series, like the Chamber Crawl. Hunsinger has ensured the fine musical arts are a constant force in the Midlands.”