In Sunday’s (4/19) St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sara Bryan Miller writes about the role Adam Crane, 34, communications director for the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, played in the story of “The Soloist” coming about. “Before coming here last year, he had the same job with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. That’s how he came to play a pivotal role in the drama of ‘The Soloist,’ the film and book based on the true story of Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, a gifted, Juilliard-trained musician and long-homeless paranoid schizophrenic. The movie, starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., opens in theaters Friday. ‘There wouldn’t be a movie, there wouldn’t be a book, if it weren’t for Adam,’ says Los Angeles Times columnist and ‘Soloist’ author Steve Lopez. ‘That’s how important he was.’ When Lopez, who had been writing columns about Ayers, first made inquiries about bringing the homeless music lover to Disney Hall, it was Crane who backed the idea.” Lopez relates how welcoming Crane was to Ayers, and how he went out of his way to introduce him to musicians and make him feel at home.

Posted April 20, 2009