The Stamford Symphony in Connecticut announced that it has implemented measures this season to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing paper printing and waste. Rather than printing a new program for each concert of the season, the orchestra will print one volume that covers the orchestra’s five-program Classics Series, with concertgoers being asked to leave their concert programs behind in re-use bins in the lobby. The orchestra also will print all its publications, including program books, on Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, indicating paper is being used from trees harvested legally in forests with high conservation values. The orchestra’s partner in the latter program is Phoenix Press, in New Haven, which works with local businesses to ensure that printing projects have a minimal environmental impact. “We’ve been partnering with the Stamford Symphony for a long time,” said Phoenix Vice President Jason Driscoll. “I knew that they were working on a limited budget, but I felt certain we could develop a plan where they could be greener and spend less money.”

Posted October 6, 2009