The new issue of SymphonyNOW has just been posted. Click on the SymphonyNOW banner on The Hub to check out articles and videos with the latest about orchestras. Go behind the scenes with Minnesota’s Mankato Symphony Orchestra as it merges multiple musical traditions to contemplate a tragic event in the state’s historic treatment of Native Americans. Catch up with composer Mohammed Fairouz, whose music serves as a potent symbol of cross-cultural understanding at a time when the Middle East is experiencing such upheaval. The inaugural Spring for Music festival brought seven orchestras to Carnegie Hall for a week of adventurous programming and cheap tickets—and it demonstrated how orchestras act as ambassadors for their hometowns. And next week’s League Conference is a hot topic: League President and CEO Jesse Rosen previews the highly anticipated “Red Alert” plenary session, while Deborah Borda of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Larry Wendling of 3M discuss the session exploring innovation that they will lead. All this and more, at SymphonyNOW.

Posted June 3, 2011