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At Symphony we are committed to providing everyone in our field with a quality publication devoted to the important issues relevant to America’s orchestras. We know that our readers comprise board members, managers, musicians, and volunteers of symphony and youth orchestras. However, that is about all we know about you! The short questionnaire on the back side of this page is an attempt to better understand the readers of Symphony. Let me tell you why we are doing this.
We plan to increase our reach to potential advertisers. This will not be at the expense of our existing advertisers, to whom we are deeply grateful, nor will editorial excellence be affected. There is great potential for Symphony to tap new advertisers offering products and services that you value, such as airlines, hotels, financial services, and so on. But to do so we need advertisers to know the demographics of our readers.

This is where you can help. By completing the short questionnaire below, you will assist us in building a profile of our readership. Rest assured that no individual information will be shared or divulged; results will only be tallied in the aggregate. Thank you so much for your help. 

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Stephen H. Alter
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