In Wednesday’s (2/25) Plain Dealer (Cleveland), Frank Bentayou reports, “Telarc International, the award-winning [Beachwood, Ohio-based] recording company, will cut half its 52 employees and stop producing its own recordings, the outgoing president said Tuesday. Robert Woods, Telarc’s founder and president, said he will leave in March. That’s when Concord Music Group of Beverly Hills, Calif., which bought the label in 2005, changes the company’s course to one of outsourcing music production. … Woods and his wife, Elaine Martone, plan to set up a production operation managing classical music artists and producing their recordings. Their first music label client will be Telarc, he said, though the company will eventually court other labels, too. … Woods’ replacement as Telarc president will be Dave Love, who has been in charge of HeadsUp, a label Telarc bought in 2000. … Historically, Telarc planned, recorded and produced all the music that went on its CDs. In the future, the company will rely on outsourced production to do those tasks and deliver master tapes to the record company. … Telarc began in the early 1970s as a classical-music label. … It later branched out into jazz and blues as well.”