Composer Andy Akiho, whose “Beneath Lighted Coffers” will be performed by the Oregon Symphony April 29-May 1.

“This season’s classical music concerts reveal how much more colorful and diverse Portland classical music concerts have become since the dull days when programs were dominated by a narrow range of music—mostly written in about a 150-year period by long-dead male composers from just a half-dozen or so European nations,” writes Brett Campbell in last Thursday’s (3/23) Oregonian. “Some spring concerts showcase sounds by performers and composers of color, while others feature works almost entirely written by women or Queer composers. Still others offer music born as long ago as the Middle Ages to as recently as last year, ranging from once-seldom featured places such as Ukraine, Estonia, and America—even Oregon.” The article discusses upcoming concerts by Black Violin, Catalyst Quartet, 45th Parallel, Trio Medieval, Oregon Symphony, Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra, and more.