On May 2, Black members of more than 40 orchestras announced the Black Orchestral Network (BON), a collective of Black orchestral musicians dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable environment in the orchestral field. BON’s founders are seven Black musicians: Jennifer Arnold, Alexander Laing, David A. Norville, Joy Payton-Stevens, Shea Scruggs, Weston Sprott, and Titus Underwood. The organization’s first public campaign is an open letter, “Dear American Orchestras,” focused on advancing equity and inclusion in American orchestras. Artists, audience members, educators, music lovers, culture bearers, and enthusiasts were invited to co-sign the letter, which calls for orchestras to hire Black musicians and support opportunities for emerging Black artists; for funders to invest in the long-term viability of organizations already committed to Black orchestral artistry; and for unions to stand in solidarity with Black members. The organization called for a Day of Solidarity on May 9, asking supporters to post a graphic, provided by BON, to their social media pages with the hashtag #DearAmericanOrchestras. Learn more at https://black-orchestral-network.squarespace.com/.