In August, the Wallace Foundation announced a five-year, $53 million initiative focusing on arts organizations of color as part of its efforts to help foster equitable improvements in the arts. The initiative will examine how arts organizations of color, facing strategic challenges, leverage their community orientation to increase resilience and sustain relevance. Wallace invited eligible arts organizations to apply for support, and invited researchers to submit proposals for studies associated with the initiative; grantees will be announced at a later date. The foundation will select 10 to 12 organizations, with budgets between $500,000 and $5 million, in the visual and performing arts, literary and media arts, and community-based organizations focused on artistic practice. Each selected organization will receive five years of funding totaling approximately $2 to $3 million to develop and pursue projects that address their own strategic challenges and will participate in peer learning and research to advance knowledge in the nonprofit arts field. Visit to learn more.