Late Monday (8/17) on the New York Times blog City Room, Libby Nelson writes, “A violin valued at up to $600,000 was left in a cab early Monday morning, the Taxi and Limousine Commission said. The instrument and its owner, the Korean violinist Hahn-Bin, were reunited later that day after the violin was found via G.P.S. Hahn-Bin, who uses only his given name, had taken a bus to Lincoln Center after playing a concert in the Hamptons over the weekend, said Allan J. Fromberg, the commission’s spokesman. He then took a cab from Lincoln Center to his apartment in Chinatown, arriving at 12:40 a.m. Monday. Exhausted from the trip, he did not realize that his credit card and his violin, an 18th-century instrument built by Giovanni Francesco Pressenda, were still in the cab, Mr. Fromberg said.” Once Bin realized and called the city-wide help line 311, it only took about an hour to locate the cab with the violin.

Posted August 18, 2009