“The style of electronic music and dance known as footwork might appear a strange bedfellow to classical music, but … Third Coast Percussion embraces the fleet-footed sound on Perspectives, a new album that pushes the notion of a percussion ensemble into fresh territory,” writes Tom Huizenga in Friday’s (5/13) National Public Radio. “The [footwork] style undergoes a mesmerizing transformation in a seven-movement suite called Perspective … by Jerrilynn Patton…. Going by Jlin, the electronic artist… did not score the work on manuscript paper, but instead brought her myriad layers of audio stems to the Third Coast musicians and together they fashioned a version that could be performed on over 30 instruments. Another unconventional partnership on the album finds Third Coast Percussion composing music with … the duo Flutronix, comprised of flutists Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull. Their piece, Rubix, features punchy flutes dancing over a chilled-out vibraphone, and foggy episodes where marimba, whirly tube and bowed flexatone provide an evocative backdrop of light and shadow … For the Third Coast musicians, [Danny Elfman] composed a four-movement piece simply called Percussion Quartet … leaning heavily on the warm sounds of the marimba interlocking with tinkling tubular chimes and pitched metal pipes.”