“Live music has returned to the San Francisco Symphony. Time for Three, a band performing with the symphony this week, is making waves through their notes by … sharing their message of what ‘contact’ means to them,” reports Amanda Starrantino in Wednesday’s (7/13) CBS San Francisco. “Time for Three is made of three [string musicians] from the East Coast: Nicolas Kendall, Charles Yang and Ranaan Meyer…. ‘We played with the [San Francisco Symphony] at Stern Grove years ago,’ said Meyer … ‘sort of the beginning of our relationship with the amazing organization.’ … Kendall, Meyer and Yang were forced into separation because of the pandemic, like so many others. But that time for them brought new ideas and new music to life. It is what their listeners get to experience now, in their latest of four concertos. Their newest [composed by Kevin Puts] is called ‘Contact.’ ‘We had time to really re-explore it during the pandemic, it is about this idea about the other, exploring new frontiers, but also reconnecting with ourselves as humans,’ said Kendall.” The Florida Orchestra and Time for Three performed the world premiere of Contact in March 2022.