“To get a sense of how much the environment of radio broadcasting has changed in the past half century, one only need ask CRB station manager Anthony Rudel,” writes A.Z. Madonna in Sunday’s (5/15) Boston Globe. “When Rudel took his first radio job at age 19 … the on-air announcers were all men … each boasting the mellifluous baritone voices that modern listeners associate with vintage broadcasts…. CRB … in Boston [now] aims for a friendly, let’s-listen-together vibe…. In February 2014 … the median age of CRB listeners was 74; as of this past February, it was 54…. ‘The overall attitude at the station is that everyone belongs here, because classical music belongs to everyone,’ said Edyn-Mae Stevenson, the newest addition to CRB’s weekday lineup of DJs…. The youngest [on-air hosts are] in their 20s and the oldest in their 80s…. Many hosts are engaging with listeners in different ways, and most are active on Twitter… In the station’s monthly ‘Instant Replay’ blog posts, digital content manager Kendall Todd compiles a playlist of whatever the hosts have been listening to on their own time…. April’s entry features a Bach organ concerto arranged for brass alongside tracks by Nirvana and Japanese Breakfast.”