“Vancouver-based M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust has awarded a three-year, $206,000 grant to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra so it can better develop philanthropic support,” reads an unsigned Friday (5/3) article in the Columbian (Vancouver, WA). “The phased grant will support a new staff position, director of development, in declining amounts across three years—providing 100 percent of the new position’s salary in year one, two-thirds in year two and one-third in year three. ‘For four decades, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra has played a critical role in the cultural and economic fabric of Clark County,’ said Executive Director Stephen Moore. ‘We are excited to see what the future holds for this outstanding arts and culture organization.’ ‘This is a tremendous step forward for the VSO,’ said board chairwoman Kathy McDonald. ‘In recent years the symphony’s fundraising efforts have relied largely on board, staff and volunteers. The Murdock Trust grant will allow us to build our development office and grow along with the larger Vancouver community.’ ” Salvador Brotons is music director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, currently in its 40th season.

Posted May 6, 2019