‘To understand how associations can sustain and improve their DEI -diversity, equity, and inclusion] initiatives over the long term, we spoke with Simon Woods, president and CEO of the League of American Orchestras … and David Acosta … chief diversity and inclusion officer at the Association of American Medical Colleges,” writes Rasheeda Childress in last Monday’s (5/9) Associations Now Magazine. “The two offered some key tenets that help sustain DEI programs so that they achieve their goals year after year.” Woods: “Leadership is critical. We have a board which is very progressive and very much behind this change, and I am deeply committed to it. So it starts at the top…. Organizations that are diverse are much richer places. They have a diverse range of views. They have diverse ideas. They behave in ways that are likely to build diverse audiences and diverse constituencies…. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t actively work to recruit and hire a diverse staff. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from really thinking deeply in your organization about what inclusion means and how you welcome all voices.”