The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra and Music Director John Devlin. Photo by Sadie Varlas, courtesy of WSO.

In Sunday’s (5/2) Intelligencer (Wheeling, WV), Derek Redd writes, “For 95 years, the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra has been a staple of the community, entertaining the people of Wheeling and abroad … The symphony will celebrate that milestone anniversary throughout the 2024-25 season, welcoming back old friends, introducing patrons to new sounds and honoring the great work that the WSO has done … Executive Director Sonja Thoms said she and John Devlin, the symphony’s conductor and music director, have worked tirelessly to create a season of performances that appropriately celebrates the WSO and its anniversary…. [Devlin said that] he and Thoms wanted to feature the orchestra’s musicians in a way ‘befitting of the legacy that they have created.’ The second [aim] was to honor the talent of those who reside in Wheeling but may not be directly connected to the WSO. The third was to showcase historically significant references to Wheeling’s musical past. The fourth was to continue Devlin’s mission of exposing the Ohio Valley to great American works by living composers…. The result is a lineup that salutes Wheeling and West Virginia’s musical roots, while including popular components and established events that connect the WSO with the Wheeling community.” The article lists the orchestra’s complete upcoming season.