In her Sunday (5/22) Neoclassical blog post, Wichita Symphony Concertmaster Holly Mulcahy writes, “When corporations are faced with crisis, challenges, or just want to regroup and refocus, many have found that offering improv (improvisation) workshops is a great way to unify the company, encourage creativity, and streamline communication company-wide. Nonprofit organizations, especially orchestras, are no different…. Inviting all stakeholders (management staff, board members, musicians, volunteers) to participate in an improv workshop is a great first step in addressing the challenges in a fun and innovative way. This is exactly what the Wichita Symphony did in March. Several board members, musicians, and staff, joined for a gathering at Flying Pig Improv with owner/instructor Jessie Gray to try … an improv workshop. Jessie led the group through several improv games and exercises aimed at building teams, communicating better, and encouraging creativity in a supportive manner. What began as feeling silly or insecure turned immediately into a fun shared experience…. The feelings of connection were palpable…. Standing outside of Flying Pig Improv studio, we talked for another thirty minutes on our experiences and what we each took away from the experience…. We’re still talking about the benefits … and planning the next one!”