In the Monday (4/27) edition of Madison, Wisconsin’s alternative weekly 77 Square, Lindsay Christians reports, “The musicians of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra agreed Friday to end a nearly seven-month strike, just before playing the fifth and final Masterworks performance of the 2008-09 season. Neither side was willing to comment on the terms of the new contract, which goes into effect after a summer transition period. The chamber orchestra will play six Concerts on the Square between June 24 and July 29 and a full 50th anniversary season. … Chamber orchestra musicians went on strike Oct. 1, 2008, insisting that the required number of services (rehearsals and performances) was too high for professional musicians who often have many other jobs. … The new contract is for five years. While neither side detailed final terms, it likely included a raise in pay for the orchestra, lower mileage reimbursement than originally offered, fewer services for the musicians, and concessions on both sides.”

Posted April 28, 2009