In Tuesday’s (4/28) Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), Mary Beth Lane writes, “At 18, Tiffany Clay was determinedly walking her own path through life when chance stepped in, linked arms with her talent and steered her in an unimagined direction. The gifted violinist in the Newark High School Sinfonia ranks second academically in her graduating class while working 35 hours a week as a Sonic Drive-In carhop and living on her own in an apartment.” Clay was profiled by the New York Times when school’s orchestra competed in the National Orchestra Cup at Lincoln Center April 5. “Her story touched hearts around the country. After the article was published this month, calls offering scholarships or financial aid poured in, ranging from universities in Ohio to Ivy League institutions. Almost 500 e-mails offering violins, other help and simple good wishes landed in the in-box of [the orchestra’s music director Susan] Larson, who fielded the contacts for the young musician. Clay has selected Oklahoma City University, a United Methodist-affiliated liberal-arts school of about 3,700 students, which has offered her a full, four-year scholarship, pending a successful audition. … The university offers music and nursing programs, Clay said yesterday, so she tentatively plans to major in nursing and minor in music, or maybe pursue a double major.”

Posted April 29, 2009