“The Paradise Symphony Orchestra will host two concerts as the band returns to their home venue on March 10 in Paradise and honors first responders and teachers for their service during the Camp Fire” last November, reads an unsigned Wednesday (2/27) article in the Paradise Post (Paradise, CA). “The day prior to coming home, Paradise Symphony Orchestra will celebrate its 60th anniversary season and perform a concert at the State Theater in Oroville,” featuring the “Ode to Joy” movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with area singers forming the chorus. “The concert [on March 9 will] remember those who lost their lives in the fire…. The program will also include the first movement from Beethoven’s ninth symphony, as well as ‘Festival Overture’ by Dmitri Shostakovich [and the premiere] of the ‘March of First Responders’ a piece composed by PSO conductor Lloyd Roby…. First responders from all avenues are invited to attend the Paradise concert for free and will be publicly recognized and thanked for their service to the local communities. The PSO and Chorus of 100 will perform a musical production of ‘Coming Home!’ on March 10 and first responders and teachers are invited to attend for free.”

Posted March 1, 2019