On December 8, conductors around the world will be available to answer questions during a new, one-day Twitter event. Twitter followers at the hash tag #askaconductor may ask questions about anything from stick technique to concertgoing customs. For more information or to ask a question, visit http://askthemusicians.com/ and choose a conductor; questions must be 140 characters or less and must include the hash tag #askaconductor and the conductor’s Twitter handle (e.g. @YourFavoriteconductor). Conductors may participate individually or as part of an organization; conductors wishing to join the official participant list must first complete a short application form at http://askthemusicians.com/form.htm. December 8 is the first of a series of planned #askthemusicians events, which may expand to include #askaviolinist, #askacomposer, and #askatimpanist. The idea has been used by museums and galleries before (http://askacurator.com/). The #askaconductor event is the creation of Lacey Huszcza, director of operations and promotions at the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and Marc van Bree, a consultant and blogger at Dutch Perspective.
For a list of conductors who have signed up to participate so far, visit http://askthemusicians.com/partners.htm.

Posted November 23, 2010