“Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians, embroiled in a labor dispute with management and locked out of their workplace since June, say they won’t return to the stage without a contract and they want a role in the BSO’s future decision-making,” writes Chris Kaltenbach in Wednesday’s (8/21) Baltimore Sun. The article reports that the Baltimore Symphony Musicians issued a news release to that effect on Wednesday in which they also stated “that the two sides had met earlier in the day. The orchestra’s 2019-2020 season is set to begin Sept. 14.… The most recent contract between the BSO and its musicians expired in January…. The musicians also proposed that they be given a voice in decisions affecting the orchestra…. The players are also asking BSO management to extend their health-care coverage through September… The two sides have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday. ‘The musicians are planning to bring a proposal to management at that time,’ Brian Prechtl, co-chair of the BSO Players’ Committee, said in a statement…. The BSO plans to lift the lockout Sept. 9,” President and CEO Peter Kjome wrote in an emailed statement, “ ‘and looks forward to opening its 2019-20 season, resuming our schedule of rehearsals and performances.’ ”

Posted August 22, 2019