“After nearly six months apart, with no choice but to practice virtually in the midst of the pandemic, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is back doing what they love most: making music on stage together again,” writes Amy Kawata on Thursday (10/1) at WJZ-TV (Baltimore). “Practice is held much differently now. Pre-pandemic, practice used to hold upwards of about 80 to 90 musicians on stage. Now, it’s only eight. For the past three weeks, the BSO has been bringing in ‘cohorts’ of the orchestra at a time to practice in-person, while following all standard protocols-such as wearing masks, temperature checks and practicing social distancing. ‘Even the stage flats have been reviewed by experts in public health and engineering to ensure that we have ample distance between musicians to allow for aerosols,’ Tonya McBride Robles, BSO VP and Chief Operating Officer, said.… The BSO’s … new digital concert series called ‘BSO Sessions’ … ‘is an intimate, inspirational look at the musicians, with incredible music,’ Robles said. ‘And we’re also able to highlight emerging voices and composers of color.’… Organizers said it’s a new way to experience classical music moving forward. ‘It’s a way to stay connected when people desperately need the power of music to bring hope,’ Robles said.”