Monday (10/24) on his Baltimore Sun blog Clef Notes and Drama Queens, Tim Smith reports, “The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s nationally recognized educational outreach project, OrchKids, is expanding to a third location, Mary Winterling Elementary School. The pre-K through 5th-grade public school is in the Lexington neighborhood, close to the largest OrchKids operation at Lockerman Bundy Elementary School. ‘We’re trying to create a linked neighborhood and create an OrchKids campus in West Baltimore,’ said Dan Trahey, OrchKids director of artistic program development. … With Winterling joining Lockerman Bundy and New Song Academy (about a half mile from the other two), there will be more than 350 children taking part in OrchKids programs during the 2011-2012 school year. OrchKids is scheduled to expand to an East Baltimore school in the Highlandtown neighborhood in January. … In a statement released Monday, Winterling Elementary School principal Nikia Carter said: ‘I anticipate the positive impact that OrchKids will have on the students and families … Music is an invaluable tool for teaching skills that extend beyond the classroom, such as discipline, confidence and cooperation with peers. I eagerly look forward to watching my students grow both as musicians and as thriving individuals.’ ”

Posted October 25, 2011