“Neil Grover has been making percussion instruments for 39 years—almost as long as he has been making music as a percussionist with the world-renowned Boston Pops Orchestra,” writes Phil Hood in Wednesday’s (10/11) Drum Magazine. “When not in the Grover Pro factory in Woburn, Massachusetts, Grover is often still on the road performing with the Boston Pops. Q: You’ve been with ‘America’s Orchestra,’ the Boston Pops, for 41 seasons. What’s the greatest kind of performance for you? Grover: The greatest performances are ones where the combined efforts of the performers, conductor and composer come together to create an experience that transcends everyday life and gives meaning to the human experience. I can honestly say that playing the terrific film music of composer John Williams with John conducting is always an experience that sets the bar very high. Q: Are you still playing any other kinds of gigs? Grover: Yes. I recently played timpani on the new tour called 4U: A Symphonic Celebration Of Prince … curated by Questlove. Q: If you weren’t with the Boston Pops, what band or orchestra would you want to be in? Grover: The Lawrence Welk Orchestra. Q: Who’s your favorite speed metal drummer? Grover: Animal.”

Posted October 12, 2018