“Every year, the same event packs Caras Park with more people than any other. On Sunday, it was once again time for the Missoula Symphony Orchestra to treat the town to the annual Symphony in the Park,” writes Dillon Kato in Monday’s (8/11) Missoulian (Montana). “To mix things up and provide something special for the 10th anniversary of the free concert, organizers brought in budding country music singer and Montana native Tyler Barham to perform with the orchestra…. Organizers say Symphony in the Park is the largest single-day event held at Caras Park, with more than 6,000 people estimated to have come out for the show.… The symphony’s music director, Darko Butorac, said for Symphony in the Park, he wanted to choose music that was different, and from a broader range of genres, than the traditional symphony music the group plays at its other concerts. ‘We want to show that the Missoula Symphony Orchestra can play music anyone in the audience can relate to. So there’s rock, pop, disco, jazz, and country mixed in there,’ he said. Part of this experimentation is bringing in Barham to play with them.… ‘We’re shattering the perspective of what orchestras should be doing,’ Butorac said.”

Posted August 12, 2014