“The iconic Japanese-born American musician and educator Midori Ito landed in Colorado Wednesday for an immersive residency with the Boulder Philharmonic and the Greater Boulder Youth Orchestras (GBYO),” writes Kalene McCort in Friday’s (11/2) Daily Camera (Boulder, CO). “Midori’s short time in the Front Range [included] workshops, performances and events focused on youth and civic engagement.… ‘Throughout the past couple of months we’ve been preparing the students for Midori’s arrival,’ said Brian Jack, executive director of Greater Boulder Youth Orchestras. ‘This is a really big deal. It’s one thing for someone of this caliber to come to your hometown, it’s another for her to come and work directly with Greater Boulder Youth Orchestras. We are very excited. To play alongside her is a once-in-a-lifetime event.’ … Monday night … Midori [joined] members of Greater Boulder Youth Orchestras and local … composer Daniel Kellogg for the world premiere of his latest offering, ‘Cicero’s Dream.’ ” Kellogg’s work, featuring Boulder Philharmonic Concertmaster Charles Wetherbee and all the strings from GBYO’s three orchestras, was commissioned by GBYO, the Boulder Philharmonic, and several local high schools, Jack said.

Posted November 6, 2018

In photo: Midori with a student musician during a rehearsal with the Greater Boulder Youth Orchestras, October 31, 2018. Photo by Paul Aiken