“A few weeks before their delivery dates, some women in the Bronx get a baby shower and the opportunity to do something special for their newborns,” writes Stephanie Simon in Tuesday’s (4/30) NY1 (New York City). “A program at Jacobi Medical Center teams up Carnegie Hall musicians with expectant mothers to write lullabies. Nicole Adams has been working with musician Daniel Linden. ‘He said that it was going to be feelings, how I felt about the baby, so it came natural to me,’ Adams said…. In just a few minutes, they came up with lyrics for baby Aiden’s lullaby, and the words become a song…. Carnegie Hall had been doing teen songwriting workshops here when a nurse suggested a lullaby workshop for new moms. That’s how the Lullaby Project was born [in 2011]…. Since its inception … one thousand lullabies have been written…. ‘Carnegie Hall overall believes that everyone should have access to music and that everyone has the innate capacity to be music makers, and so this really fits within our mission,’ … said Tiffany Ortiz, one of its educators.” Multiple U.S. orchestras also participate in the Lullaby Project.

Posted May 1, 2019